It basically boils down to the PRICE.
Ownership gives you an INCREDIBLE Array of Benefits

Here is a Real World Example.

A recent Solar Buyers Club proposal for Shelly C. in MN.
Shelly had a proposal from CREW, the Self Proclaimed "Guaranteed Lowest Price" leader at $28,725 at $3.60 per watt installed.
This was indeed lower than other companies including Vivint and SolarCity who came in at over $4.00 per watt installed.
The price from Solar Buyers Club: $14,874 at $1.81 per watt Installed.
You do the math...which one would you choose?
NOBODY even comes close to our pricing.

A Solar Company that actually Gets It?

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When you cut through all the Hype, the Presentations, the Glitz, the Pushy Sales Personnel touting their "super duper" systems, it boils down to One Thing...The Total Cost per Month.

Does going solar make sense for YOU?


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