The commercial market takes some extra special work with different systems.
Contact your Sponsor and we can help but keep in mind the timeline for the whole process is much longer so you don't want to make this your primary market.

From an Installer in IL.

In conjunction with SunShot, we bring Affordble and Profitable Solar to the Commercial Market.

The Project R.O.I.

Owners and Facility Managers are more interested in the Return on Investment than Saving the Planet.

Expected PayBack

Any Sharp businessman looks at the Payback.
Here is a Happy one.

Creative Financing

Many companies out there struggle in this area because they don't have the total system in place.  Continue below.

The BEST Installers throughout the United States.


We have partnered with Commercial Installers throughout the United States and if you are first to market in an area, we will work together with you to establish the process. Each installer competes to win our Originator projects through a competitive bid process and we make sure they know what they are doing.


Our Installers use the Best Technology for a given area. Since we don't dictate which company they use the result is the Highest Quality at the Most Affordable Price.

No Comparison

Installers are lining up to be involved with us because they understand getting the prospect is a very big part of their business. It's a Win, Win, Win for the Commercial Customer, the Installer and us.

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