We all have the goal of making the planet a better place to live. Thats a Given.

What if in doing that we could also Save Money?

Let's make some decisions.
This page won't be here.
For instance, note the little guy that talks on this page when it opens. It will be set to play only once per visit but plays every time now because let's make a decision on this one, or the one on the COAL page.

This is a work in progress. A lot of changes and additions are in the works.
If there is something you want to see let me know.

Undoubtedly, some won't like what I'm doing but keep in mind it's Guaranteed or you get your money back.
Oh wait, it's Free.
If you don't like it then my  advice, Don't Use It. I've done things like this before and someone Always complains.

This is NOT designed as a substitute for anything you are already doing. It's NOT designed to replace anything.
My only goal is to help you in your business and I have the capabilities to do so, but again if you don't like it, then please do not throw rocks at it, just don't use it.


We'll set up your sites with your choice, something like
"Your Name" can be anything you want, I just set up the whole site as a subdomain.
I have no contact information or links to the main sites as that will be your information on your site.

Think of Climate Change is an Opportunity, not a Problem.
Dr. Bertrand PICCARD, Chairman and Pilot of Solar Impulse
The First Around the World Solar Powered Flight

It's NOT a Political Position / It's Simple Logic

Whether you believe in Climate change or not, something is happening.

Many say things aren't as bad as the Climate Change proponents are saying, that is not the issue.

We have Three Questions:
What's so bad about switching to Clean Energy?
And if it Saves You Money, what's wrong with that?
Wouldn't that be called a Win/Win?

Down at the very bottom of this page are two movies (In the Black sections) that are quite interesting.

But One thing is Certain

The Average Consumer WILL NOT spend the money to Go Solar unless it makes Economic Sense for them.

In This Site

We will make a Case that you Need to Consider Going Solar.


In Commercial, we have some systems that you really need to check out.


And when it comes to Residential, we have taken the PUSH, PUSH, SELL, SELL out of the equation.

Economics Issue

Folks, this is NOT a climate change issue, it's simply a matter of Folks Wanting to Save Money.

Let's Get Started

We are going to show you some things that will hopefully make your decision to go solar a Lot Easier.
AND, we will Destroy anybody else's pricing.

Watch This Movie.
It's now 10 years old but makes a Very Good Point.

Watch this Trailer to a National Geographic Special.

Here's one for a Showtime Series.

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